About Us

Who are we?


The Physiotherapy Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) is the sole professional body that represents all physiotherapists in Trinidad and Tobago. PATT seeks to improve the overall health and wellness of our society through physiotherapy education, practice, professional and patient advocacy.




To provide exemplary representation of the field of physical therapy to our fellow professionals, country, regionally and internationally. To continuously promote education and development within the field that fosters community spirit among fellow physiotherapists and awareness of our profession to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago. To continue to promote a culture of collaboration, focused on multidisciplinary health care.





To transform society’s perception on the necessity of healthy living and improving quality of life through education, passion and service.










The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (www.wcpt.org)


PATT has been a member of the WCPT since 1999. Members of PATT are able to participate in all WCPT activities as a result of this membership and enjoy many opportunities at discounted rates. 



The American Physical Therapy Association (www.apta.org)


PATT has maintained a cordial relationship with the APTA, and some of PATT members are also members of the APTA.