Patient Testimonials

"I broke my right wrist in a freak accident and had to be put in a cast. I was told that my wrist would be ok when I took of the cast. But it wasn’t. My right wrist was stiff, painful and swollen. Simple things like writing and combing my hair became extremely difficult. I had to be off of work, as I use the computer daily, and couldn’t even manage that! But I went to a physiotherapist who treated me, taught me how to function with my disability….and now, I am pain free, able to move my hand easily, and able to work and play without any problem!"

Jenelle B.

"I suffered a stroke 12 months ago. I collapsed and was unable to move my left side. Doctors told me this happened because my blood pressure and sugar levels were too high. Being unable to move my arm and leg got me depressed, but then I was referred for physical therapy. My PT started treating me in hospital and I came to the department after I was discharged. From being unable to walk, dress myself and work; I can now play with my grandchildren, return to my river limes, and support my family! I thank my physiotherapist!"

Boodoo S.

"Sports has always been part of my life, so when I ruptured my ACL in my left knee, I thought that I would never play again. After my surgery, I went through 3 months of rigourous rehabilitation with my physiotherapist. And under his guidance, I am back to playing small goal football! "

Joseph R.

Stacy D.

"Being diagnosed with Diabetes at age 40 was a blow. Previously healthy, I had no idea that this was sneaking up on me. My doctor told me to walk to lose a few extra pounds and that would help and to take my meds. I did it for a few weeks, but I hated walking! A friend then told me to see a physiotherapist…sceptical, though I was, I did…and the visit changed my life. My PT educated me about diabetes, and how to manage it. I wasn’t given a death sentence, or given basic advice. I was supported and educated by my PT. She guided me with exercises that suited my lifestyle and that I have been able to stick with. I have reached my weight loss goals, and have muscles now too! So not only is my shugar under control,, I am healthier now….thanks to physiotherapy…."